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Derby Market Place

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Fri 13 - Sat 14 Oct

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Wilkommen to the UK’s ultimate Oktoberfest, the most authentic Bavarian celebration this side of the channel!

Oktoberfest is the extremely popular German folk festival that has been celebrated in Munich, Bavaria for over 200 years, where people engage in all manner of music, games, entertainment, food, and singing.

First and foremost, Oktoberfest is a highlight of Germany’s culinary calendar, with ours being no exception! Showcasing the best in traditional German and Bavarian cuisine, our Bierhalle will be filled with the mouth-watering smells of Würstl, Sauerkraut, Pretzel, Spätzle, Schnitzel, Schweinshaxe, Schweinebraten, Steckerlfisch, Knödel, Käsespätzle and much more!

The Oompah band will get you into the Bavarian swing of things, leading the frivolities and celebrations with the best traditional Bavarian music and entertainment.

And of course, no Oktoberfest is complete without barrels of the finest Bavarian beer being emptied into glass steins! Expect authentic beer from the most revered and respected brewery in Germany!

Oktoberfest is becoming an increasingly popular and prevalent event in other cities across the globe, and the UK is no exception! So don your Lederhosen and fend off the beginning of autumn with a warm and friendly atmosphere filled with fun and laughter!

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From £10

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