Member of the month - October 2023

Thu 2 Nov 2023

Derby Arena member of the month

We are excited to announce Arjan as our Member of the Month at Derby Arena! Arjan's dedication to fitness is commendable, as he consistently attends our gym a minimum of three times a week. With his impressive progress, Arjan has become a shining example of hard work and determination. Our team is inspired by his commitment, and his remarkable results have made him a role model for others. As we honor Arjan as our Member of the Month, we celebrate his outstanding achievements. Congratulations, Arjan, and keep up the fantastic work at Derby Arena!

Springwood Leisure Centre member of the month

Fran joined us here at Springwood back in April, her first time in a gym ever, in her 70s! Fran has smashed out a plan she had created with Jake and has said that while it is tough, her quality of life has improved significantly and she's loving what the training is doing for her. Fran is now standing without use of her hands for the first time in many years and is even able to perform guided tours at Calke Abbey in her voluntary work up several flights of stairs, rather than staying seated as she previously had, which has brought her great happiness. Well done Fran, Springwood and Jake are very proud of you!