Feel the thrill with track cycling at Derby Arena

Feel the thrill with track cyclists

Sun 3 Feb 2019

Tired of the same old activities?

Want to experience a new thrill, right on your doorstep?

Inspired by British cycling achievements of late?

Derby Arena wants you to Feel the Thrill of track cycling which is why we're offering you a great value chance to get accredited and ride to your heart's content at our velodrome.

For just £80 you can purchase a voucher that will give you four consecutive sessions of track cycling. 

Your first session will introduce you to track cycling in an hour long session allowing you to get used to the bike and learn to ride confidently on the track.

Your second session will improve your track cycling, in an hour long session you will build your confidence further and be able to ride consistently within 1 metre of the wheel in front and will start to manage the speed and space between other cyclists.

Your third session will move you into advanced track cycling, in a two hour long session you will learn to ride to a level that will allow you to move onto the fourth and final session - accreditation!

In the fourth (two-hour) session you will learn how to race on the track and using all of the skills you've learnt over the four sessions you can become a fully-accredited rider at Derby Arena!

For those who live or work in Derby, Derby Arena's track cycling is the perfect way to feel the thrill without travelling far or reaching deep in your pockets.

Get started with track cycling for just £80 today!

Find out more about track cycling here.