Get £10 off your next birthday party!

Birthday parties

Fri 19 Jan 2018

Are you struggling to think of exciting ideas for your child’s next birthday party? We have plenty of great party packages for you to choose from that will guarantee a great time. We also have a variety of exciting party add-ons to create your own bespoke party!

We’re helping ease your pockets with a special offer of £10 off your next party, if you book by the 31 March!

Check out what’s on offer:

Bouncy castle and soft play

Let the kids interact, bounce and bound around as they celebrate. A sound system is provided for you to put on their favourite tunes and play party games. Tables and chairs seating up to 20 kids will be set up for your party brunch to give the kids some more energy so that they’re ready to go again!

Disco Party

Our studio’s unique lighting mirrors and sound system provides the ideal atmosphere for a disco party. To enhance your fun we will also provide you with a number of party props including inflatable instruments, a selfie frame, and props to keep you entertained. There is also a separate room for kids and parents to chill out and get the party group fed, seating up to 20 children.

Toddler Tea Party

Have your very own teddy bear’s picnic in a cosy and fun setting. Under parent’s supervision, you will have your very own soft play area, play kitchen with play food and teddies to join you and your friend’s picnic. Tables and chairs will be set up where you can provide your own party food, or if you prefer, a picnic blanket can be put on the mats for the real picnic experience.

Track Cycling Party (Ages 9+)

Try a party with a difference, ride the 42° Cycle Track at Derby Arena. Our coach will be there to organise and show the children how to ride, all equipment is included (bring trainers in case feet are too small for cleats).

Splash Party

Make a splash and celebrate your child's birthday with a fun filled party in our pool! Have fun with floats, small inflatables and plenty of toys in the water!

Whatever your child wants you’ll find their perfect party with us, and we’ll save you the hassle of organising it, and help you keep more money in your pocket!

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Terms and conditions will apply when booking parties.