Derby Libraries terms and conditions

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When you join the library you will be asked to sign a membership form. By signing this form, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions which are listed below:

1. You must treat all staff and fellow customers with respect and consideration.

2. To join the library as a full member you must be able to prove that you live, work or study in Derby or Derbyshire. Full membership entitles you to use any library run by Derby Libraries and our partner organisations. 

3. You must ensure we have up to date contact information for you, including your email address.

4. Once you have joined, you will be given a membership card and a PIN. You must bring these with you each time you visit the library otherwise you may be refused access to our services.  You must not use anyone else’s membership card number and/or PIN.

5. Your membership card is for your own use only. You are responsible for:

  • 5.1. keeping your membership card and PIN safe and secure
  • 5.2. ensuring there is no improper use of your membership card and PIN
  • 5.3. any items borrowed on your card
  • 5.4. lost/damaged items, these may have to be paid for
  • 5.5. paying any late fees or other charges accrued on it

6. You are responsible for all items borrowed on your membership card so you must report it to us if it is lost or stolen.

7. All items borrowed must be returned or renewed on or before the due back date.

8. If you keep items after the due back date you will be expected to pay any late fees that apply.

9. To use our public computers you must be a full member of the library service and always have your membership card and PIN with you.

10. You must use our ICT systems responsibly.

11. If you no longer want to use the library you must return any items you have borrowed and hand in your membership card for cancellation. If there are any outstanding charges on your membership card you will be expected to pay them.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in the suspension or cancellation of your library membership.

These terms and conditions are made under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964.