Gymnastics terms and conditions

Please take the time to read the terms and conditions for our coaching courses.

Our Courses

  1. The Council will use reasonable endeavours to provide the same coach for each session within a course. However, relief coaches may be used without prior notification.
  2. Coaches may change between each course of sessions.
  3. Each child must register with the coach at the start of each session
  4. Sessions that are 60 minutes in duration will be 55 minutes of actual coaching time with a 5 minute registration/administration time.
  5. Lessons that are 90 minutes in duration will be 85 minutes of actual teaching time with a 5 minute registration/administration time.
  6. If a child has a medical condition, disability or any additional needs, this must be stated on the enrolment/ registration form. Any changes to a child’s circumstances must be communicated to the leisure centre at the earliest opportunity to ensure that up-to-date records are maintained.
  7. All under 8’s must have a responsible adult, aged 16 years or over, that remains in the leisure centre with them at all times.
  8. Queries regarding the coaching programme or an individual child’s progress should be directed to the leisure centre reception.
  9. Class numbers are restricted and set by the Council to ensure a quality coaching environment and are based on Derby City Council and British Gymnastics guidelines for coach to participant ratios.
  10. The Council reserves the right only to accept a child into a class being taught at the level appropriate to them.
  11. The Council reserves the right to cancel a course and refuse to re-book a child onto a course if the child or their parent displays unacceptable or inappropriate behaviour, including failure to comply with these terms and conditions, where persons wilfully annoy or interfere with the privacy of any other person using the centre or where persons interfere with any officer of the Council in the performance of their duties. In such circumstances the Derby City Council exclusion policy will be applied. A copy of the Derby City Council exclusion policy is available from reception.
  12. Gymnastics ability and speed of progression will vary depending upon the child.
  13. As children progress through the stages they will be guaranteed a place in a session at the appropriate stage. No guarantee will be made to the teacher, time or day of lesson.

Block Payment membership

  1. Upon acceptance of the Sport Derby T&Cs and payment of a 12 week block payment in advance, Sport Derby students will be entitled to a weekly coaching session at the appropriate level during the 12 week paid period. This will be deemed a Sport Derby, coaching course membership.
  2. Refunds will only apply in the event of our failure to provide lessons, due to facility closure, instructor sickness or otherwise or where a customer deems the service inferior to the published quality standards. No refunds will be made for non attendance on the part of the student for whatever reason.
  3. Notwithstanding the clause above, in our absolute discretion, refunds will be considered where a student cannot attend 3 or more consecutive lessons due to illness or injury. A valid doctor’s note or medical report must be presented for any such refund to be considered.

Changes to membership payments

  1. We will give you four weeks’ notice in writing of the increase in the price of your Sport Derby coaching course membership. You can cancel your Direct Debit membership without penalty if you decide not to continue membership at the new price.
  2. We will give advance notice by displaying details at each leisure centre of any changes to conditions for your membership. You can cancel your membership without penalty if you are not happy with these changes to conditions of use.

General Conditions

  1. The Council will not under any circumstances, accept responsibility or liability in respect of any damage to or loss of any goods, articles or property of any kind brought into or left at the leisure centre. This term applies to circumstances that are outside the reasonable control of City Council staff.
  2. During the standard operation of coaching sessions, patrons wishing to watch family or friends who are participating must do so only in the designated spectator areas of the facility. Spectators are not permitted to remain in the sports hall where there is no designated spectator area unless specifically authorised to do so by the Management Team where there is a recognised need. Parents of gymnasts should never distract the gymnasts or the coach during a session. Parents/spectators may be asked to leave if they continually breach this rule.
  3. Your membership card must not be used by anyone other than yourself. Any card being used by another person other than the authorised member will result in us cancelling the authorised user’s membership.
  4. The use of camera or video photography or mobile phones is prohibited anywhere in all of Derby City Council Leisure Centres. Permission to use image recording equipment needs to be approved by the management team at the centre. This complies with the use of image recording and equipment in our Sports Centre policy.
  5. You must comply with Derby City Council’s Sports Centres Regulations and bylaws, rules of behaviour, dress policy, safety rules and any bylaws relevant to any facility you use. We always display these prominently at each facility. The council reserves the right to cancel your membership if you do not comply with these rules, regulations or bylaws. We may also cancel your membership if you abuse the scheme, abuse our staff or other users, or interfere with others’ use and enjoyment of the facility. Except in the most serious cases, we will tell you if we propose to cancel your membership and give you the chance to comment.
  6. If we cancel your membership because you breach these conditions or fail to pay membership charges no further Direct Debit will be taken.
  7. All information provided by you will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  8. If you have any comments about any aspect of our service, either good or bad, please speak to a member of staff, use a comment form available from the sports centre reception or email