Children will learn skills on the floor, beam, vault and other apparatus, with an opportunity to enter competitions and festivals throughout the year.

Classes are split into both ability and age groups to ensure each child reaches their own personal potential. All participants will start in beginner classes where the coaches will assess them and move them according to their ability. The classes follow the Derby Active Award Scheme and are suitable from ages 4 to 16. Children must be in full-time education.

Spring Tots (pre-school gymnastics)

Spring Tots gymnastics follows the Derby Active Award Scheme. The sessions introduce young children to gymnastics in a fun and challenging setting.

All preschool classes run on  Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Our Trampolining courses provide a safe environment for children to learn new skills and increase their confidence on the trampoline. Suitable for ages between seven and 16. Our classes follow the Derby Active Award Scheme.

Gymnastics schedule and prices

All sessions are 1 hour


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Coaching - Gymnastics, Springtots and Trampolining prices

Gymnastics, 60-minute lesson £26.25 (Monthly Direct Debit payments)

Information for our gymnasts 

We want you to be as safe as possible during your gymnastics sessions so your coaches will be reminding you of things needed that keep everyone safe.

Washing your hands

You will need to make sure you wash your hands before arriving for your session, and you must follow instructions from your coach on hand sanitising throughout your gymnastics session. It is important to regularly wash your hands before, during, and after your gymnastics session to keep them clean.

What should you do if you feel unwell?

If you feel unwell before or after the session let your parent/guardian know. We know you won’t want to miss a session, but it is much better to stay at home to keep you and everyone as safe as possible. If you start to feel unwell whilst taking part in a session let your coach know straight away. They may take you to a separate room whilst you wait for someone to collect you, but it is important not to worry, your coach is just trying to keep you and everyone else safe.

Social distancing

We know how hard it is going to be when you see your coaches and friends not to give them a hug, but it is important that you always keep a safe distance from other people. Why not give them a wave instead or make up a cool new dance greeting! Your coach will remind you about keeping a safe distance and they may even set out markers on the floor to help you.

Listen to instructions

It is very important that you listen to and follow all instructions given by your coaches, such as where to put your belongings, where they would like you to stand and what equipment you can use. These instructions are to help keep you and the other gymnasts safe. If you don’t understand something or have a question, don’t be afraid to ask! Your coaches are there to help you and to make sure everyone stays safe whilst having fun!

My gymnastics session

It’s exciting to be back in the gym but things may look and feel a bit different. Your coach will explain these changes and show you how to move around the gym. If you are worried about anything in your session speak to your coach. Their job is to keep you safe and make sure everyone has fun!

Only bring what you need

When you come to your gymnastics session only bring with you what you need, leave anything that you don’t need at home. You may bring a bottle of water with you. Shoes will be placed on a storage rack in the main hall. If you need to come in a jumper or coat, we will ask your parent or guardian to take this away with them and bring it back at collection. Follow instructions from your coach as they will let you know where to put your belongings whilst you take part in your session.

Group changes

Your gymnastics group might have changed. Group sizes may now be smaller and some of your gymnastics friends might now be in another session. When in the gym it is important to remember to stay in the area that your coach has told you to. Remember to keep a look out for signs and floor markers and not to hug and high five your friends, instead use a fun wave or dance!

Getting ready for your gymnastics session

It is important that you arrive ready for your session before you enter the gym. This includes making sure you have been to the toilet before you arrive and that you have your gymnastics clothing on as the changing rooms will not be open. Make sure you don’t have too many other pieces of clothing on so you can remove them easily when it’s time to start. Being ready also includes having long hair tied up so it won’t get in your way and removing any jewellery. Your coach won’t be able to help you with this as they might have done before. At the end of your session remember to collect all your belongings. Your coach will direct you on how to leave the gym.

Activity & equipment

Your gymnastics and the activities you take part in may be different from when you were last in the gym. Your coaches will plan fun sessions to get you back into gymnastics. Don‘t worry about not being able to do activities that you could before, it’s the same for everyone.

Coaches will be following the same social distancing guidelines as you, so will not plan activities where they need to support. Some equipment may be set lower, or you may not be able to be quite as adventurous in trying new skills. This is necessary to keep you safe and avoid injury. Your coach will show you what equipment can be used, and how and when to use it. You might be asked to complete activities at home to help you gain more strength or flexibility.  

If you have any questions, or concerns please just ask a Coach - we are here for you all!

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