Top Team Drawing Up Options for New Swimming Pool Complex

Swimmer adjusting goggles

Mon 20 Mar 2017

Derby City Council has announced that a top team of experts will be drawing up options for the proposed new swimming pool complex.

Mace (project managers), FaulknerBrowns Architects, Hoare Lea (mechanical and electrical engineers) and Curtins (civil and structural engineers) have been appointed by Derby City Council and are currently undertaking a feasibility study for the new pool.

The team has extensive experience of building pools in the UK and internationally, including Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Aberdeen Aquatics Centre, Manchester Aquatics Centre and Hamdan Aquatics Complex.

Cllr Baggy Shanker, lead cabinet member for the project said:

“I’m pleased to say we’ve got such a strong team to work with. I’m confident they will be able to match our ambitions and deliver the pool Derby wants and needs. You only get one chance to do it right and we have the team to make sure we get it right.

“The new swimming pool complex will provide the City with a stronger future and help make Derby a great place, to live, work and visit. Our ambition is that it will deliver vital swimming space that will improve the health of our communities for years to come and provide opportunities for success.”

The new swimming pool complex will deliver activities for communities by providing water space for performance clubs, recreational clubs, casual swimming and lessons for learners.

So far the Council has identified £20 million of capital for the project. The details of exactly what the new swimming pool complex will offer is part of the feasibility study, when it will be completed and how much it will cost will be determined on the outcome of the feasibility and business case studies now underway. The Council currently believes the new swimming pool complex will open in 2020.

£400,000 has also been identified in the Council’s revenue budget to cover the possible revenue subsidy for the new swimming pool. It is anticipated that this will be an initial revenue subsidy, with a long term ambition of reducing this.

Simon Dale, Director, Mace, said:

“Mace are delighted to be working with Derby City Council on another flagship project and are excited about delivering a high quality and high profile new leisure facility for the community. Following on from the success of the  Derby Arena, Mace are committed to maximising the benefit that this centre will have to the community through its new facilities. Having delivered leisure centres across the UK, we pride ourselves as a leading sports and leisure consultant and with a partnership with FaulknerBrowns, are confident that this is the right team to deliver excellent new swimming pool and leisure facilities for Derby”

Michael Hall, Partner, FaulknerBrowns Architects, said:

“It’s great to be working again with Derby City Council after the success of the award-winning Derby Arena. As the Architects for Ponds Forge in Sheffield, Manchester Aquatics Centre and Loughborough University Pool, we look forward to bringing our expertise and experience in 50m pools to this exciting project.”