Fitness swimming

Male swimmer swimming for fitness

If you're looking to get fit through swimming, whether it's at your own pace or with a more structured session, there are plenty of opportunities in our pool programme.

Fitness sessions 

Lane swim

This is a fantastic session for swimmers of all abilities who want to build-up their swimming skill, whether you are training for your next triathlon or just trying to get in shape. You can swim at your own pace in our dedicated swimming lanes.

Aqua Jog

Effective formats to encourage all fitness levels to use water to improve stamina, style and muscle tone. Learn to use different pool shapes to the max interspersing simple jog type movement with other sports related exercise.  Investigate intervals versus steady state and the benefits of adding both drag and buoyant equipment.

Aqua Fit

Aerobics in the water. Easy on your joints yet tones your muscles. Great if you need to lose weight or have limited mobility. Weights available - ask the instructor.

Aqua Circuits

This style of Aqua Aerobics offers optimal training opportunities for all fitness levels, encouraging gym and land enthusiasts to the pool. The energetic cardio, endurance and power stations and interval sets will challenge and motivate exercisers. Learn a “user friendly” eclectic mix of circuit stations and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).