Welcome Back to Derby Active Facilities

Welcome BACK! 

After four months of closure, we can not wait to welcome you back into our facilities. 

We will open our doors on Saturday 25 July, with a programme of fitness classes, badminton (at Springwood) and all our gyms will be open for you to enjoy. Learn to Swim will start on Mon 27 July and lane swimming from 3 Aug.

Over the next few weeks as we will offer more sporting opportunities as we follow guidance from governing bodies of sport and the government.

So what to expect! 

  • A welcoming smile !
  • Controlled access of numbers of people to sessions.
  • All activities are bookable through online bookings.
  • Spacious activities and equipment, to allow for social distancing.
  • Dedicated cleaning to provide a clean and safe environment.
  • Contactless payment or pay online.
  • Hand sanitisers and wipes available throughout the building. 

We ask: 

  • You sanitise and wash your hands regularly.
  • Use the wipes and spray provided to wipe down equipment before and after use. 
  • Follow the signage around the building to ensure there is a safe follow for everyone.
  • Keep a safe distance from other visitors. 
  • You stay at home if you or anyone in your household shows signs of Covid-19.
  • Inform us if you have Covid-19.
  • Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions. 

Booking activities 

In-line with COVID-19 requirements all activities have to be booked in advance. This ensures your safety by allowing social distancing by regulating numbers and also allows time to clean areas prior to the next session starting. 

We recommend the best way to book is by online bookings, but you can also book by telephone.

Booking conditions apply and all activities can be booked up to 14 days in advance. 

Telephone lines will open from 24 July.

Lane swim can be booked from Mon 27 July for the sessions starting Mon 3 August. 

Email: leisure@derby.gov.uk

Your activities 

You have the choice of 4 centres with Derby Active 

Don't forget Derby Active offers 4 facilities, so if you can not book in a class or gym session at one facility, try our other sister sites in the city. Try a different activity, there is badminton at Springwood, outdoor track running at Moorways and swimming at Queen's, you are very welcome as a member or pay as you go.

Come and join us!

New centre opening hours

Centre opening hours

  Derby Arena  Springwood  Queen's  Moorways Stadium
Mon  6am - 9pm  7am - 9.30pm  7am - 10pm 12 noon - 7pm
Tue 6am - 9pm  7am - 9.30pm  7am - 10pm 12 noon - 7pm
Wed 6am - 9pm  7am - 9.30pm  7am - 10pm 12 noon - 7pm
Thu 6am - 9pm  7am - 9.30pm  7am - 10pm 12 noon - 7pm
Fri 6am - 9pm  7am - 9.30pm  7am - 9.30pm 12 noon - 7pm
Sat 7am - 7pm  9am - 4.15pm  8am - 4pm 10am - 2pm
Sun  7am - 7pm  9am - 4.15pm  8am - 9.30pm Closed

Gym opening hours 

  Derby Arena  Springwood  Queen's 
Mon - Fri   6am – 8.45pm  7am – 9.45pm  7am – 8.15pm
Sat & Sun  7am – 6.30pm  9am – 4.15pm  8am – 2.15pm

Find out more about our 4 Derby Active facilities  

Springwood Leisure Centre - Tel: 01332 640333

Derby Arena - Tel: 01332 640011

Queen's Leisure Centre - Tel: 01332 641444

Moorways Sports Stadium - Tel: 01332 342934

Sales and Information Centre - Tel: 01332 641234

Telephone lines will open from 24 July.

Email: leisure@derby.gov.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book

Q: How do I book for an activity? 
A: All activities are bookable over the phone or online, this includes gym, classes, outdoor running track, badminton and swimming. 

If you have any problems joining online or booking email the centre of your booking choice.
Derby Arena - derbyarena@derby.gov.uk
Springwood Leisure Centre - springwood.sports@derby.gov.uk
Queen's Leisure Centre - queens.sports@derby.gov.uk
Moorways Sports Centre - stadium.moorways@derby.gov.uk
Sales and Information Centre - leisure@derby.gov.uk

Emails are monitored during normal centre opening hours. 


Q: Will the opening times be the same?

A: Opening times will be slightly changed see below:

  Derby Arena  Springwood  Queen's  Moorways
Mon  6am - 9pm  7am - 9.30pm  7am - 10pm 12 noon - 7pm
Tue 6am - 9pm  7am - 9.30pm  7am - 10pm 12 noon - 7pm
Wed 6am - 9pm  7am - 9.30pm  7am - 10pm 12 noon - 7pm
Thu 6am - 9pm  7am - 9.30pm  7am - 10pm 12 noon - 7pm
Fri 6am - 9pm  7am - 9.30pm  7am - 9.30pm 12 noon - 7pm
Sat 7am - 7pm  9am - 4.15pm  8am - 4pm 10am - 2pm
Sun  7am - 7pm  9am - 4.15pm  8am - 9.30pm Closed

Gym opening hours 

  Derby Arena  Springwood  Queen's 
Mon - Fri   6am – 8.45pm  7am – 9.45pm  7am – 8.15pm
Sat & Sun  7am – 6.30pm  9am – 4.15pm  8am – 2.15pm


Q: How will we keep you safe?
 We are creating a one way system throughout buildings to limit the flow of customers. Providing hand sanitising stations. Staff will be working actively to everything flowing. Time slots in the gym, limited class sizes, only singles badminton, no water fountain etc. By booking sessions we are collecting details of users, for track and trace purposes as required by government guidance.

Q: Why are you keeping it at 2m distance and not changing it to 1m? 
A: Current guidance tells us that a 2m distance should be maintained if it can be, and we want to keep all our customers and staff as safe as is practicably possible.

Q: Will I have to queue outside?
A: We may ask you to wait outside, to maintain a social distance as people are served in reception or swipe through the barriers. Signage will indicate were to queue. Our staff will keep you informed and tell you when you can go in. Due to this we ask you not to come for your session too early and only 10 minutes before.

Q: Why do I have to Pre Book?
A: We have to monitor how many people are in the gym, classes, pool, running track and sports hall, in order to maintain social distancing guidelines. Pre booking your session will guarantee your workout at that time.

Q: Can I swipe through the barrier?
A: At Derby Arena and Springwood Leisure Centre, customers will need to swipe through the access gates as normal. By pre-booking your card will recognise you have booked and allow you to swipe, so there is no need to go to reception. We will ensure social distancing guidelines are maintained.

Q: Will I be able to hire equipment?
A: To reduce contamination, hire equipment will not be available for either cycling or sport activities. There will be some equipment for sale, but we will review hiring policies over the first period of opening. 

Q: Can I bring spectators with me?
A: Unfortunately we can not allow any spectators. The only exception is for swimming lessons, where 1 parent can accompany a child - please see the Learn to Swim section for more information. 

Carer's accompanying a customer to assist in their exercise will be welcome.

Q: Will the café be open at Derby Arena?
A: The café will remain closed and this will be reviewed after 4 weeks. The vending machines will be available at Derby Arena, but not at Springwood and Queen's Leisure Centres. 

Direct Debits  

Q: I currently pay a Direct Debit for a health and fitness membership or/and Learn to Swim lessons,  will there be any reduction to compensate for the lost days when the centres closed?
Heath and Fitness and Learn to Swim members will receive a 25% discount for their Aug direct debit payment. 

Direct Debit payments will continue as normal payments from 1 Sept.  

Q: I pay annually for my membership, how will I be compensated for the lost days?
A: Your membership will be extended to cover the period of closure when your membership was unable to be used. 

Q: Will I still need to pay my health and fitness membership in full even though some facilities will not be in use?
A: Your membership gives you access to Springwood Leisure Centre, Queen's Leisure Centre and Derby Arena, allowing you choice to choose activities at all sites, if your home site is busy. 

Leisure Card memberships

Q: Will my Leisure Card get the months not used added onto the expiry date?
A: Yes, your Leisure card will be extended by the period we were closed.  

Self-isolating or feeling unsure to return 

Q: What happens to my membership if I have to self-isolate?
A: We ask that you contact the centre as soon you know you can not attend due to self isolation, we will then discuss with you some options. We can not back date memberships, so we ask you contact us as soon as you can not attend. 

Q: What if I feel unsafe at the moment to return to the facilities, but I have a paid membership?
A: We understand that this is a uncertain and strange environment to return and that you may need more time, to come back to your activities. We ask that you don't cancel your membership, but give us a call and we will chat through the options available to help you. We want to support you to return. 

Changing rooms 

Q: Will the changing rooms be open?.
A: Changing rooms will only be open for the toilets at Derby Arena and Queen's Leisure Centre for pool users.(After their pool session ONLY) At Springwood there will be toilets, but no changing. We ask you arrive ready for your activity. For swimming we ask you wear you swim costume under your outdoor clothes, as you will need to change on pool side before your swim. 

All lockers will be out of use (other than those outside the gym at Derby Arena). 

Q: Will I be able to shower?
A: Unfortunately not. Showers will not be in use due to the difficulty with social distancing and the increased levels of transmission that could be brought about through the water vapour.

Q: Will all toilets be in use?
A: Toilets will be designated to particular activities at Springwood and Queen's Leisure Centres. At Derby Arena gym customers should use the toilets on the ground floor, the 2nd floor next to the studios will be unisex. 


Q: Will all classes be running?
A: We will be running a reduced programme and changing times to ensure start and finish times are staggered with the gym. Cycling classes will take place in the studio. Classes must be pre booked and will operate at reduced capacity. Online classes will continue to be offered through Derby Active at Home.

Q: How many people are allowed in classes at any one time? 
A: This varies at each Centre - Derby Arena 17 places, Queen's 6 Places and Springwood 22 in the sports hall, 15 for indoor cycling.  

We advise you book in advance and if you are not going to attend please cancel your space. We will be monitoring this to ensure there are no regular 'non-attenders'. Also please look at all our three site class programmes if your home centre does not have the class you want to attend. 

Q: Can I bring a bag for the gym or class?
 We ask you only bring your water bottle and if required your phone in the gym or class. It will be your responsibility to take care of your valuables. 

Q: Will there be mats available?
A: We ask you bring your own mat to classes, we also have mats available to buy at the centres. 

Q: Will there be any water provided? 
A: No water coolers will be operational. Customers should bring their own drinks in their own containers. 


Q: How are you monitoring how many people are in the gym at one time? 
A: Our booking system will ensure we do exceed capacity to adhere to social distancing rules.

Q: How long are the gym sessions? 
A: 75 minutes

Q: Can I book more than one gym session in a day?
A: Currently sessions are limited to one session, each person per day. We would politely request you cancel a session if you are unable to attend to allow someone else to take up the space.

Q: Can I use the free weights? Will I need to clean them down first?
A: Yes you can use weights, please wipe them down before and after use. The gym will be closed at specified times throughout the day for deep cleaning.

Q: Can I bring a towel for the gym?
A: Unfortunately no, but there will be paper towels available in each gym for you to use.

Q: Will there be any water provided? 
A: No water fountains will be operational. Customers should bring their own drinks in their own containers. 

Q: Can I bring a bag for the gym or class?
 We ask you only bring your water bottle and if required your phone in the gym or class. It will be your responsibility to take care of your valuables. 

Q: Who is wiping down the equipment in the gym or do we need to wipe it down ourselves?
 Customers will be asked to wipe their equipment down before and after use. After each session the gym will close for 15 minutes for cleaning, after 3 sessions the gym will be closed for an hour to give it a deep clean.

Q: Will the gym be cleaned regularly?
A: The Gym will close for 15 mins after each 75 minute session for cleaning. After three sessions the gym will be closed for an hour before the next session for a deep clean.


Q: What public swimming will be available? 
A: For current social distancing safety, on opening our programme starting on Mon 3 Aug will be for lane swimming.  This is to ensure we can provide supervised distancing for your safety while you are swimming. As we follow governing body advice, we will access and re-visit our programme in the future.  

Numbers attending sessions will be limited, but these may be increased in future weeks.

Q: Do I need to book my swim session?
A: Yes, we encourage you to book online or by telephoning. the reasons for this is to ensure capacity is controlled ensuring social distancing. Bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance.

Q: How long will a swim session be for? 
A: 40 minutes.

Q: We ask that swimmers arrive 'Beach Ready'.
A: What we mean by “beach style turn up and swim” is that we ask you to arrive at the pool already wearing your swimming costumes underneath your clothes and having showered at home. We are encouraging swimmers to do this to minimise the time spent in changing areas. Similarly we are encouraging swimmers to shower at home after their swim, again to minimise the time spent in the changing areas after a swim.

On arrival there will be social distanced allocated changing stations on pool side for you to change.

However, changing facilities will still be available for swimmers post swim for a change. 

Q: Will showers be available? 
A: Unfortunately no, we will encourage you to shower at home. 

Q: How will you ensure social distancing while swimming? 
A: The lane swimming sessions will be for a controlled number of swimmers, depending on the pool in use. Lifeguards will also request that everyone follows our lane Swim Etiquette, which is as follows: 

  • Lane capacity and speed will be indicated on the lane sign, check the lane is not full before entering.
  • Lane Flow - You may be asked by the Lifeguard to change lane when swimming, this is to assist in the flow of swimmers to ensure everyone enjoys their swim. 
  • Entering  the pool - When entering the pool lane, wait for at least a 3m distanced gap between yourself and others.
  • Social distancing - Follow social distancing rules whilst swimming, on pool side and around the centre. 
  • Overtaking - To allow someone to overtake you, stop at the end of a lane and face away from them whilst they pass. Please only overtake at the end of a lane. 
  • Resting - To rest climb out the pool and use the designated seating area, please do not rest in the water.       
  • If you need any help or have a questions please ask the Lifeguard. 

Swimming Lessons 

Q: What are the new cleaning measures in place for Swimming Lessons?
A: for your safety the following has been provided: 

  • Sanitisation stations on entry
  • Spectator seating wipes available
  • Lesson equipment minimised and cleaned in chlorinated water between classes
  • Changing facilities locked and cleaned every 15 minutes
  • Increased cleaning of touch points

Q: What are the new safe measures in place for swimming lessons?
A: Amongst our safety measures for swimming lessons, below are key highlights:

  • We are restricting the use of our pools during lessons to Learn to Swim customers only
  • We are limiting the number of classes and participants in each pool at any one time
  • We are removing the use of shared equipment during a swimming lesson
  • We are limiting changing spaces and introducing changing windows of 15 minutes

Q: What is the format of Derby Active's swimming lessons during Covid-19?
A: We will ensure:

  • Our Swimming Lessons will continue to operate for 25 minutes with 5 minutes reserved for administration. 
  • A water safety briefing will is given by our teachers at the start of every lesson for the first four weeks to ensure swimmer safety.
  • Our teachers focus on refreshing swimmers Core Aquatic Skills during lessons as this provides the foundations on which to build swimmer progress
  • Equipment will be issued per swimmer for the duration of the lesson and there will be no shared equipment during the lesson. 

Q: Will I be able to use the changing rooms before and after lessons?
A: We are encouraging all swimmers to arrive “Beach” or “Pool” ready with swimming costumes on under clothing before Swimming Lessons as changing rooms will not be available before lessons. Swimmers are encouraged to change on poolside prior to their lesson. Changing rooms will however be available following lessons without the use of showers and lockers, for a maximum of 15 minutes from your lesson finishing time.

Q: Can more than one parent/guardian spectate? 
Only 1 spectator per swimmer will be permitted to help us keep you and our team safe. 

Where absolutely necessary, an additional spectator from the same household may be permitted on discretion of the queue manager. This will be for childcare, accessibility or disability support during attending swimming lessons.

Where Pre-School Duckling or Adult lessons are taking place, no spectators are permitted, however if necessary, this may be permitted on discretion of the queue manager.

Q: Why are teachers teaching from the side but parents are asked to be in the water to support for Ducklings lessons?
A: It is important to minimise the number of people in the water to ensure social distancing is maintained as much as possible, which is why our teachers are teaching from the poolside wherever possible.

However, parents for Ducklings classes may enter the water as long as they maintain social distancing. Parents who are supporting their child in the water should only support their own child and will need to ensure they adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Q: Is it feasible to teach lower stages in deep water to make more use of pool space to allow for social distancing?
A: Yes, our full programme has been reviewed and lessons allocated appropriate locations in the pool to allow a safe and enjoyable lesson. Our Teachers have also undertaken pre-opening training days to cover teaching in different pool locations and utilising equipment that can be used to support swimmers.

Q: Why is my child wearing arm bands?
A: Your child’s safety is our priority and they have been away from our pools for a significant amount of time where their ability may have regressed.

Your lesson may have also changed pool or location and arm bands or suitable aids may be utilised by your teacher to ensure your child is safe once they return to the water, particularly in the first few weeks where our water safety briefings will also be given as part of returning to lessons.

Q: Why are there different bather loads for different activities?
A: Maximum bather occupancy cannot be determined by just using a single number and applying that to all lessons.

The activity being undertaken has an effect on how you control distance and time, therefore a minimum of 6 m2 would be in a setting where you can control distance and limit the time at which participants come close.

Q: Are you sure that cleaning equipment in pool water is sufficient?
A: Research has been carried out on this subject and The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group have published the cleaning parameters.

Additionally, in between sessions we are submerging equipment in chlorinated water to limit the risk of transmission. This will not guarantee any virus if present will be eliminated. We are also removing shared equipment to further minimise risk of transmission.

Q: Can I shower at the pool?
A: Our showers will not be available for use, however showering before you swim is a vital contribution to ensuring the free chlorine in the pool water is available for disinfection of SARS-CoV-2 (rather than being used to clean dirt off swimmers). We are encouraging swimmers to shower at home before arriving at the pool and at home after your swim.

Q: Can I use lockers at the pool?
A: Lockers will not be available for use, however please arrive “Pool ready” and bring a bag for your individual changing station on poolside.

Q: What does “beach style” mean. Do I have to drive home in my wet stuff?
A: What we mean by “beach style turn up and swim” is that we ask you to arrive at the pool already wearing your swimming costumes underneath your clothes and having showered at home. We are encouraging swimmers to do this to minimise the time spent in changing areas. Similarly we are encouraging swimmers to shower at home after their swim, again to minimise the time spent in the changing areas after a swim.

However, changing facilities will still be available for swimmers post swim for a change.

Q: Should people with health conditions/disabilities return to the pool?
A: Absolutely, we know that swimming is a fantastic activity for people with a range of health conditions / disabilities. However, those in the high risk and moderate risk groups should consider the latest government advice before returning to the pool.

People categorised as “high risk” or who have concerns may wish to consult with their medical practitioner before returning to the water.

Q: Can people who are shielding return to swimming?
A: People who are shielding should follow the latest government guidance.

Racket sports 

Q: Where will Badminton be available?
 For our first phase of opening, badminton will only be available at Springwood Leisure Centre. 

Q: How many people can play on a badminton court?
A: After an update from Badminton England on 25 July we will now allow a strict 4 people per court for doubles but these must not change partners during their court time.

Q: How are you keeping the distance in the sports hall for badminton courts? 
A: We will ensure there are dividing nets and spacing between courts and customers will be allocated a court on arrival. 

Q: Will squash be available at Springwood Leisure Centre. 
A: Unfortunately not in our first stage of opening, this will be reviewed in-line with government and sports guidance. 


Q. When will general and pre-school gymnastics be available at Springwood Leisure Centre.
A: We are currently waiting further guidance on delivery of this sport from gymnastics governing body. Once we have safe practices in place we will be contacting all parents by telephone, email and text. 


Unfortunately cycling at Derby Arena will not be available in phase 1 of opening. We are reviewing this activity with governing bodies and government advice. We will keep this page updated when we have any updates. 


Q: When do you think events will be up and running again at Derby Arena? 
A: That is something we are unsure of, we have no definitive answer yet. All we know is all our events have been cancelled up until October and this is under constant review in line with government advice.


Q: Will I be able to return to my club session at the centres?
A: We are talking with the clubs that use our facilities about their return.  For further information, please speak directly with your club.


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