Health and Fitness (Gym & Classes)

Derby Active Health and Fitness, welcomes you back! 

We have been making some changes to our gyms and studios to ensure you feel safe to return.

All our gyms have been re-designed and equipment moved to ensure you have space to workout. You will also notice that some pieces of equipment may be not in use, this is for your safety to ensure social distancing. We ask that you wipe down any equipment before and after use and only touch equipment you intend to use. 

All sessions in the gym will need to be pre-booked, and will be 75 minutes long. This allows the team to deep clean the equipment prior to the next session starting. In the gym we have hand sanitiser and wipes for everyone to use. 

Classes at Derby Arena will remain in the studios, but you will see that the floor has been marked out to provide individual space in your class. For Springwood Leisure Centre, all the classes will be held in the sports hall, which allows social distancing spacing for you to enjoy your class. The studio at Springwood has be transformed into a dedicated indoor cycling studio, with distancing between each bike. Queen's Leisure Centre have moved their classes into the lower function room, and again the floor has been marked out to allow dedicated space for each customer. 

For all the classes and gym sessions you will need to book in advance, by online booking or by telephone. This is to ensure we control the numbers of people attending classes, allowing everyone to feel safe and comfortable during their workout. 

Booking activities 

In-line with COVID-19 requirements all activities have to be booked in advance. This ensures your safety by allowing social distancing by regulating numbers and also allows time to clean areas prior to the next session starting. 

We recommend the best way to book is by online bookings, but you can also book by telephone.

Telephone lines will open from 24 July.


When arriving

On arrival at the centre's we ask that you queue in the designated areas for your activity and that you arrive ready dressed in your workout clothes. There will not be any changing or shower facilities available, although there will be access to toilets. We also ask that you bring minimal items with you, only a water bottle, your keys and your phone if required. There will not be lockers to store items, so please only bring your essential items to workout and nothing of value. For classes we also ask that you bring with you a workout mat.

Derby Active Gyms

Springwood Gym Opening Times 

Mon 7am - 9.45pm

Tue  7am - 9.45pm

Wed 7am - 9.45pm

Thu  7am - 9.45pm 

Fri   7am - 9.45pm

Sat  9am - 4.15pm

Sun 9am - 4.15pm

Derby Arena Gym Opening Times 

Mon  6am - 8.45pm

Tue   6am - 8.45pm

Wed  6am - 8.45pm

Thu   6am - 8.45pm

Fri     6am - 8.45pm

Sat    7am - 6.30pm

Sun   7am - 6.30pm

Queen's Gym Opening Times 

Mon  7am - 8.15pm

Tue  7am - 8.15pm

Wed 7am - 8.15pm

Thu  7am - 8.15pm

Fri    7am - 8.15pm

Sat   8am - 2.15pm

Sun  8am - 2.15pm

Derby Active Classes


School Holidays

Cancelled Session

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Time Session Level Location Book
9:30am - 10:15am Cardio Crunch With Ailsa Level All Springwood Leisure Centre Sports Hall Book
10:30am - 11:15am BODYPUMP™ With Steve / Kathy Level 2 Derby Arena Studio Book
10:45am - 11:30am Myzone Indoor Cycling With Gym Team Level All Springwood Leisure Centre Cycling Studio Book
11am - 11:45am Active Living Stretch & Tone With Tania Level 1 Queen's Leisure Centre Studio One Book
12:15pm - 1pm Aqua Fit With Tania Level 1 Fitness Queen's Leisure Centre Family Pool Book
5:15pm - 6pm ShowFit With Natalie Level All Derby Arena Studio Book
6pm - 6:45pm Indoor Cycling With Gym Team Level All Springwood Leisure Centre Cycling Studio Book
6pm - 6:45pm Meta Dance Fit With Angie Level All Springwood Leisure Centre Sports Hall Book
6:15pm - 7:15pm BODYATTACK™ With Carly Level 2 Derby Arena Studio Book
7pm - 7:45pm Interval Step With Angie Level 1 Springwood Leisure Centre Sports Hall Book
7:30pm - 8:15pm BODYPUMP™ With Carly Level 2 Derby Arena Studio Book

For your safety 

Equipment spacing in the gyms 

New Layout for Classes 

New Indoor Cycling Layout

New cleaning equipment 

Sanitiser and wipes 

Clear signage providing clear entrance and exits

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