Bookstart - free book packs for children

Children reading in the library

Bookstart is a national programme that encourages all parents and carers to enjoy books with their children from as early an age as ‌possible. It aims to provide free book packs to every child in the UK.‌

Is my child eligible for a Bookstart pack?

The baby pack is gifted to babies between six and eight weeks old.
The treasure gift is gifted at three years old.

How do I get a pack for my child?‌

The baby pack is gifted through Health Visitors at your baby’s development check.
The Treasure Pack is gifted through nurseries and playgroups.

What if I don’t use Health Visitors or nurseries?

All packs are available at your local library.

Does my child have to join the library to receive a pack?

No, but it’s free to join and we have a large selection of board and picture books for your child to enjoy.

What else does Bookstart offer?

Bookstart offers a number of packs for babies and toddlers with additional needs such as visual/ hearing impairment, delays in physical development, dual language.

Further information

For local Bookstart information contact 01332 640613 or email 

For national Bookstart Information, games, reading tips and book suggestions visit the Bookstart website.