Code club for children

Our Code Clubs are organised by libraries and sessions are run by trained volunteers and staff. They are held at three libraries and teach children basic computer programming.

Where are they held?

What can children do?

Following a 20 week programme they will learn:

  • The basics of computer programming using Scratch
  • How to create computer games and animations

Who can join?

  • Sessions are open to children aged eight to 13
  • Children must be a member of the library to take part but it is really easy to join. Just ask a member of staff or visit our how to join page.

How do I book?

What can children do next?


Take children’s programming skills to the next level, progressing from building blocks of pre-existing code with Scratch, to using Python to write code for Raspberry Pi. 

This four week chargeable course covers coding with Makey Makeys, BBC Microbits and Raspberry Pi.

To find out dates of our upcoming courses and book your place, visit our Events page

Creative Technology Workshops

These one-off chargeable workshops are expert led and offer a range of practical activities around computer programming including 3D printing, robots and electronics.

To find out dates of our upcoming workshops and to book your place, visit our Events page