Homework and study support

Homework club

We provide and promote a safe, welcoming, accessible environment with appropriate facilities and resources to help children and young people with their homework and study assignments.

What does your library have to offer?

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff to help
  • Informal approach helping children and young people develop research skills and independent  learning
  • Space to work – study tables and chairs
  • A range of resources – book based and online–to support learning in its widest sense including leisure, general interest and personal information helping to meet the needs of children and young people of all abilities
  • Non-fiction books - including revision guides - for children and young people covering a wide range of topics at different levels to support national curriculum requirements.  Material to support study at GCSE level or above is provided within the adult non-fiction section of the library
  • Free holds – items available to order from home
  • Free Internet & Microsoft Office access with appropriate filtering
  • Print outs and photocopies
  • eReference library for children and young people- online resources accessible from the library and at home

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