Getting the mind and body active this Summer

A collection of books and magazine covers that are all linked to active and are the reading recommendations on the page

Tue 13 Jun 2023

This month we’re inspired by Ready Set Read!

The theme for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge 2023. The Reading Agency has teamed up with Youth Sport Trust this year, to encourage children to unleash the power of play, sport, and physical activity through reading.

Looking to do the same? There are many forms of keeping active, and the mind is as important as the body. Derby Libraries are here with some reading recommendations to get you started. Looking for a lighter read? Not only do the Derby Libraries offer an amazing array of books, but there is also a multitude of magazines available.

Wanting to get out of the pages and into the gym? Derby Active are here to help with their June health and fitness membership offer!

Reading Recommendations

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Food for life : the new science of eating well, by Tim Spector

Food is our greatest ally for good health, but the question of what to eat has never seemed so complicated. In this book, Tim Spector creates a unique, thorough, evidence-based guide to the real science of eating

Just one thing: how simple changes can transform your life, by Michael Mosley

We all want quick and easy ways to improve our health, but when it comes to diet, fitness and wellbeing it can be hard to sift the fads from the facts. Harder still is finding things that fit into our day. So what if you were told that eating chocolate helps your heart, singing can reduce inflammation, and your fanatical obsession of collecting houseplants is actually helping your productivity and brain power? In 'Just One Thing', Dr Michael Mosley tells you all this and many more scientifically proven facts that will make you say, 'No way!'

The female body bible : a revolution in women's health and fitness, byEmma Ross

Women go through various life stages, with each moment bringing a new set of challenges and opportunities. Health and fitness are not the same as aesthetics and photogenics. Instead of prioritising how a body looks we need to focus on how it feels and functions. When we listen to the body, embrace it and nurture it, health and fitness will follow.

Nothing but net by Natasha Deen

Layla loves playing basketball, especially with her best friend, Danika. When trials finally arrive, Layla not only makes the first team but she's also chosen to be the team captain. All of her friends and teammates are excited for her. All, that is, except Danika who is jealous of her friend's success. Layla soon discovers that being both team captain and best friends with Danika is no easy task. Can Layla be a good team captain and a good friend?

Roar : a football hero's guide to dreaming big and playing the sport you love by Beth Mead

Drawing on her amazing trajectory from playing with the boys' team on the pitches of North Yorkshire to becoming a football champion and role model, Beth will inspire girls and boys everywhere to dream big, work hard and never give up. She'll shine a spotlight on some of the role models that paved the way for women's football and share her experiences of competing against the best players in the world.

The people's game: a view from a front seat in football, by Gary Neville

Gary Neville has had a front-row seat in football for over 30 years, witnessing the sport at every level - as a player, a coach, a pundit and an owner. Drawing on interviews with those at the epicentre of the sport's biggest issues - from the role of ownership to the lack of funding in the football league, the rise in racism and the future of the women's game - he explains how football has sleepwalked into this mess and offers a new way forward.

Old Mother Hubbard's dog takes up sport, by John Yeoman

Old Mother Hubbard is fed up of her mischievous pup lazing around all day, so she suggests that go out and play. But then he creates all kinds of mayhem playing tennis with the washing, covering himself in mud and even shot-putting the piglets right out of the sty! This lively and humorous nonsense poem is brilliantly written by John Yeoman and illustrated exuberantly by Quentin Blake.

Intelligent fitness : the smart way to reboot your body and get in shape, by Simon Waterson

A former marine, and now the film industry's most in-demand fitness trainer, Simon Waterson's client list reads like a who's who of A-list actors. Sharing his practical and highly accessible approach to reimagining your body and transforming your fitness, Simon encourages you to focus on training, recovery and nutrition to build on your performance, rather than aesthetic.

Goodnight skateboard, by Michael Dahl

From grinding on rails to landing that last big half-pipe trick, 'Goodnight Skateboard' follows a young girl's day at a skateboarding competition until she says goodnight to her favourite extreme sport. With rhyming text and action-packed imagery, author Michael Dahl captures the excitement and energy of the skatepark and the awesome athletes who skate. This delightful picture book will have skateboarding fans everywhere cheering for bedtime.