Books to help with stress and anxiety

Bookshelves at Chaddesden Library

Are you feeling low or feeling anxious?

We have books in all our libraries that can help to help you understand and manage your health and wellbeing, particularly with a range of commonly experienced mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and stress.

We also have a range of eBooks and eAudiobooks on mental health and wellbeing which you can browse and borrow from our eLibrary

How does scheme work?

  • Your GP or mental health professional gives you a Reading Well Books on Prescription leaflet and recommends a title.
  • Take this to your local library, where staff will help find the book.
  • Reading Well Books on Prescription collections are located in all the libraries in Derby.
  • If you are not already a member of the library you can join immediately as a full member, using the book prescription as identification and take the books home.
  • If you have a recommendation and the book is not available on the library shelves, staff will place a free hold for you and get the book from another library.
  • Books are issued for three weeks and can be renewed if no-one is waiting for them.
  • The books are all available for anyone to borrow from the library. You do not need to have a recommendation from a health professional.

How are the books prescribed and who can prescribe them?

Reading Well Books on Prescription are currently available across Derby city for GPs, IAPT Practitioners and Mental Health Professionals to prescribe for their patients and clients.

Any other organisations can signpost people to the library, as the books are available for anyone using the library to read and borrow. If you would like to become a prescriber, please contact us.

What books are available?

Download our Books on Prescription list below for more information.

How are the books chosen?

The Books on Prescription titles are recommended and endorsed by health professionals. Most of the books are written by leading psychologists and many present self-help versions of established treatment programmes. They can help you learn about and manage a range of common mental health issues.

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about the service with our Books on Prescriptions FAQs.