Silk Mill building

Derby Museums is an independent trust and organisation run for, and on behalf of, the people of Derby.

Derby Museums Trust manage and curate the collections of Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Museum of Making and Pickford’s House. 

They provide a museums and arts service, accessible to everyone, and are responsible for the curation of all the artefacts and works of art entrusted to them, and the buildings in which these are held. Their aim is to bring as many of these objects into the public domain as is practically possible and exhibit them in ways that delight and inspire.

They also run education and learning programmes, and hold events and exhibitions with the purpose of sharing knowledge and inspiring creativity and making amongst the people of Derby. As well as schools and student learning, they run many events for adults and groups, as well as families.

The collections and the information held about them are as unique as Derby's location and history; Derby is a city continually shaped and driven by creativity and innovation, located in a valley that changed the world. The services provided are also designed to promote the city: using its rich and important past to inspire its future.