Nature area

Nature area at Allestree Park

Allestree Park is the largest Local Nature Reserve in Derbyshire and was designated in 2002.

It forms part of a wider network of nature reserves and local wildlife sites throughout Derby using established tree lines, Burley Brook and the River Derwent as a green connection.

It hosts a huge variety of wildlife habitats including several nationally important species-rich wildflower meadows, a habitat known to have declined by 97% since 1930. The magnificent meadows and large mature woodlands provide the perfect home for a wide range of common species and a few rarities. Species of note are:

  • English elm trees
  • Veteran pedunculate oak trees
  • White letter hairstreak butterflies
  • Common blue butterflies
  • Harvest mice
  • Brown Hare
  • Adders-tongue fern
  • Moonwort fern
  • Pink fairy waxcap fungi
  • Fly agaric fungi