Other things to do

See what else Derby Arboretum has to offer


Have a stroll around the historic grounds taking a look at the trees, historic landscape and animals the park is home to. Why not venture off the beaten track and follow the tree trail, take a look at the below guides and explore Britain's first public park.


The Arboretum and surrounding area is home to a number of historic buildings including the Orangery, Grove Lodge as well as remains of the East Lodge. Explore the park, the buildings and the landscape to find out more about the history of the area.


The Arboretum is home to a number of different art organisations with regular exhibitions held in the Orangery.  Art workshops are also held at Grove Lodge lead by Spiral Arts.

Within the park itself is the historic and famous boar statue, situated in a beautiful spot, easily reached by the paths running through the park. 

Community Garden

Friends of Derby Arboretum are working extensively on creating a new community garden within the parkland.  The garden is located on the former bowling green within the park.  The garden is a mixture of herbs and herbarous plants, which are attractive to wildlife as well as establishing a new community orchard with fruiting trees.

Friends of Derby Arboretum

Friends of Derby Arboretum are a newly establishing group who are working alongside Derby City Council Parks Team to undertake a wide range of projects including establishing a community garden.  The Friends have organised a number of community events including SpringFest, Luminate Lantern & Light Festival as well as a summer fun day. 

To find out more and to get involved, please contact the parks team.