Nature club

Barn owls at Nature Club

Nature Clubs for children and their families.

The Children’s Nature Club has been run by Friends of Sinfin Moor Park and Nature Reserve since October 2009.

This is a fun club for children aged 11 and under and their families. The club encourages children to explore nature, with each session covering a different wildlife topic through arts and crafts activities. There are also opportunities to take part in exciting excursions such as nature trails, pond dipping, bird watching and listening, worm investigating, blackberrying and surveying hedgerows.

Different furry friends will also often pay a visit, with past clubs being visited by hedgehogs, barn owls, quails, chicks and ducklings. 

Nature Club takes place on the third Sunday of every month (except August), 2.30 - 4pm.

The Club is free of charge, free refreshments are also available.

Fore more information head to Friends of Sinfin Moor Park and Nature Reserve website.