A few funny sports!

Tue 16 Feb 2021

We thought we would make you smile by showing you a few funny sports that are slightly out of the ordinary! 

1. Toe Wrestling

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Toe wrestling is similar to arm wrestling. In this sports, opponents lock their bare feet with toes and try to pin the other's foot down.

2. Cheese Rolling

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A nine pound round of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled from the very top of a hill and competitors chase after it down to the bottom. The first person across the finish line is crowned winner, with the cheese as their prize.

3. Underwater Cycling

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Underwater cycling is a sport that involves riding a bicycle under water. It is an extremely difficult sport that requires high level of strength and endurance.

4. Wife Carrying

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Wife Carrying is a contest in which male competitors race while each carrying a female teammate.

You can take part in the traditional sports at Derby Active like badminton, table tennis, join the gym or just swim.