Sara’s success at Springwood Leisure Centre

Tue 18 Feb 2020

We’re all about working together as a team at Derby Active, so we were delighted to receive this feedback from Sara Hunter about her personal fitness journey:

“I would like to personally thank everyone at Springwood Leisure Centre and to share my story to anyone who is thinking about joining.

“In April 2019 I moved shops within the company I work for. The change made me realise how I needed to change myself and my lifestyle. I had put on a lot of weight and was very unhealthy. I was the heaviest I had ever been weighing 16 stone and 4lbs. I had become distant from friends and I was embarrassed to see anyone because of my size.

“In July 19 I bit the bullet and called Springwood and booked in for an induction. A few days later I met with lady called Gaynor, and she asked me a few questions about myself and what I wanted to do. I actually started crying, it blew me away how she showed genuine empathy towards me and she really cared. This made me feel at ease and actually made me believe I could lose the weight. Gaynor then showed me around the gym and talked me through every machine. At the end I set my goal, I wanted to lose 4 stone by Christmas. Gaynor made me a personal workout plan which I thought was amazing, I didn’t expect that at all.

“I started eating 3 balanced meals a day and visited the gym 4 times a week. Every time I walked into the gym I was nervous and embarrassed to the point I couldn’t look at anyone. Not one person judged me or pressured me into talking to them. Everyone I saw said hello and smiled. After a few weeks, I met with Gaynor again, and I’d actually lost 1 stone. Gaynor's reaction was great and she made me feel so good about myself - I was doing it, and she motivated me to carry on. We went through my plan and added more exercises that I wanted to do. I never felt hassled and everything was done at my pace.

“Another month went by and my 1 stone weight loss became 2 stone. I felt more confident, I started looking at people and saying hello. This then lead me to ask about the classes. I spoke with a lady called Helen, and she told me about the classes that were running. She was so friendly and she actually gave me the confidence to book a class. I chose circuits because I used to enjoy circuits at school. The instructor was called Adam and he was brilliant, I was very nervous but he didn’t judge me once and said well done at the end of the class.

“It got towards the middle of November and I hit my goal - I had lost 4 stone. I wanted to carry on and lose another stone, but I noticed the weight loss had slowed and so I wanted to see if there was anything I could do. I had seen something called a Myzone fitness belt and I wanted to know about it. I spoke with a guy called Andy, again he was so nice and actually spent quite a while talking to me about them. He went out of his way to organise for me to try one out the next day and arranged a time to show me how to start using the weights which I thought was amazing. I went the next day and saw Jake who showed me how to use and work the belt. He spoke to me like a person and not just a customer. He was really engaging and it felt like he was helping me not just trying to sell me the product. I actually went on to buy the belt and I use it every time I workout.

“I then met with Andy and he showed me the basics of weight training and explained what it will do for my body. He made me another plan and has been checking on my progress. Andy has been incredible and has really helped me with my confidence. Nothing is too much trouble for him and you can tell he genuinely cares about people.

“I now weigh 11 stone 8lbs and this is 100% down to hard work, but it is absolutely because of all the staff at Springwood. Gaynor and Andy in particular, I can’t thank them enough for the encouragement and the help they have given me.”

Well done Sara! Your hard work and dedication has really paid off. The work is all your own but we are so pleased to have played such a positive part in your journey.

Have you been inspired by Sara’s story? If you are interesting in joining Springwood Leisure Centre to start your fitness journey, you can find out more information here.

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Sara's before and after photos:

Sara before.pngSara after.jpg