The County Championships for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire at Moorways Stadium

Thu 16 May 2019

Moorways Stadium had a fantastic event over the weekend as they held the County Championships for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. They catered for over 2,000 people and managed 1,000 cars on site as well.

There was plenty of fun activities and things to take part in as they had bouncy castles, bars, owls and falcons, face painting, candyfloss and popcorn for everyone to enjoy! The event was free of charge for the public to come down and watch and Moorways are hoping to to do this for more events in the future. 

Julie Feeney, the Race Meeting Manager had some positive feedback from the weekend:

The Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire county athletic associations were delighted by how well the weekends event went. Hundreds of athletes aged from 9 years to 70 plus took part over the weekend and enjoyed the fabulous facilities and organisation at Moorways. The stadium staff can always be relied on to showcase the track at it’s very best.’ - Julie Feeney, race meeting manager

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