Thursday Workout Programme

Thu 21 May 2020

4 Week Workout
by Sam - Derby Active Wellbeing Advisor (Derby Arena)

To add some extra intensity to your home workouts this programme targets muscle fatigue by asking you to complete sets of exercise until failure.  A great way to notice improvement over the four weeks and guaranteed to stimulate the body to come back fitter and stronger.

Week 1

Session 1:

Press ups 1 x max effort

Squats 1 x max effort in 2 minutes

Plank hold 1 x max effort

(record all of your results)

Session 2:

Step back lunges 3 x 20

Glute bridges 3 x 15

Pike press ups 2 x 10

Hollow holds 3 x 20 seconds

Plank alternating single arm rows 3 x 20

Session 3:

Assisted prone hamstring curls 3 x 10

Max effort vertical jumps 4 x 6

Straight arm plank 4 x 45 seconds

Prone angels 3 x 10

Week 2

Session 1:

Every minute, on the minute for 45 minutes:

Minute 1: 5-10 press ups

Minute 2: 10-20 squat jumps

Minute 3: 5-10 sit ups

Minute 4: 45 seconds high knees

Minute 5: rest

Session 2:

Press ups 1 x max effort, 2 x 50%

As quickly as possible:

50 reps of: (add jump to make harder)

1 squat, 1 R foot lunge, 1 L foot lunge

Side plank 3 x 20 seconds each side

Session 3:

High step ups 3 x 10 each side

Feet elevated glute bridges (toes to sky) 3 x 16

Russian twists 3 x 30

Bear crawls 3 x 30 seconds

Week 3

Session 1:

10 max effort squat jumps + 10 jumping lunges x 5 sets

Slow negative press ups 3 x 8

Hollow holds 3 x 25 seconds

Lateral bear crawls 3 x 30 seconds

Session 2:

3 rounds of:

1 minute squat jumps, 1 minute jumping lunges, 1 minute air squats, 1 minute step back lunges, 1 minute rest

Press ups 3 x 75% of week 1 session1 score

Side plank rotations 3 x 10 each side

Session 3:

Pike press ups 3 x 8

Prone assisted hamstring curls 3 x 12

Slow negative squats 5 x 8

Straight arm plank hold 3 x 1 minute

Prone A, T, Y’s 2 x 10 of each

Week 4

Session 1:

Press up 3 x max effort

Wall sits 3 x 30 seconds

Single leg RDL’s 3 x 10 each side

Hollow holds 4 x 20 seconds

5 rounds of:

10 squat jumps into 1 minute high knees

Session 2:

every minute on the minute for 30:

Minute 1: lateral plank walks (2 R, 2 L)

Minute 2: 30 seconds wall sit

Minute 3: 5-10 burpees

Session 3:

Every minute on the minute for 10:

10 -20 squats

Every minute on the minute for 10:

5 – 10 press ups

Every minute on the minute for 10:

20-30 seconds hollow hold


Press ups 1 x max effort

Squats 1 x max effort in 2 minutes

Plank hold 1 x max effort

(record all of your results and compare to week 1 session 1 to see if you  have improved)

SMART Targets
by Helen Treece - Derby Active Health and Wellbeing Advisor

So we are in May and still in lockdown. How are you all doing? Feeling like me a bit down and lacking some normality?

If the answer is YES, then set yourself some goals, make them:

S specific

M measurable

A agreed with yourself, your family or a professional

R realistic

T timed

If you feel like you may have gained a few pounds, set yourself a target that by the end of May you will lose X pounds. Here is a few ideas on where to start using SMART.

How do you achieve this? It may be simply looking at your portion sizes, select a smaller plate to fill up at mealtimes.

Set your snacks out for the day each morning and do not add to them.

Be kind to yourself but also ensure you aren't eating more than you need as many of us are doing less exercise than normal.

If you feel as if your fitness levels have dropped,  set yourself a target to join in one of the many FREE online classes available by our Derby Active team, join the class Facebook group here. No shame as most are on social media where the instructor cannot see you. Make sure you work to your level but also push yourself.

The goal then is to increase the number of classes each week.Make sure you take advantage of the allowed one a day exercise a walk is better than no outside air and it will be great for your mind.

Make yourself a diary chart and each day set out on the chart what you are going to do be it a class and a walk or a run etc. Tick off all those you achieved and give yourself a big smile.

If you need support to set your goals please drop any of our Health and Wellbeing Advisors a message and we will help you get back on target.

Email us, were here for you!

Workout with the Derby Active team at home! Every week we will be providing a fitness programme for you to keep active and motivated during this difficult time.

Everyone is welcome and its free, just join our Derby Active Classes Facebook group here

Keep well and Safe



During this period of lockdown, our Derby Active Health and Wellbeing Advisors will be providing each Thursday a new fitness programme for you to follow and enjoy. 

We would love to see you taking part in our Thursday programme, share with us on Facebook @ Derby Arena or @ Springwood Leisure Centre


Exercise safely 
Please remember to ensure you are safe and only take part in classes that are at your own ability level. If you have any injuries or health conditions please consult your doctor before taking part in any physical activity.  

4 Week Training Plan 

If you've been training at home, or would like to start now in light of plans to seemingly keep gyms shut for the timebeing, here is a 4 week training programme that you can follow.

You can do this 3 days per week fitness plan without any training equipment and there are progressions for you to follow each week.

Don't let the lack of gym equipment stop you from keeping active and staying healthy!

Thu 30 Apr

8-Week Dumbbell-Kettlebell Programme

All you'll need for our at-home programme is a light weight... that can be in the form of a dumbbell, a kettlebell or even weighted bottles of water, be inventive if need to be and remember a little load goes a long way! 

These workouts are ideal for those who want to see progress week by week so give it a try & download today