Cheap and cheerful healthy eating

Healthy eating salad

Mon 7 Jan 2019

At this time of year, everyone starts to think about eating more healthily, but don’t think for a minute that has to be boring or expensive. Have a read to find out our top tips for switching to more nutritious snacks.

Fruit – it may sound obvious but did you know that when you crave sugar, your body could be asking for the vitamins and minerals that are found in fruit? You can buy an apple for around 40p which is cheaper and far more filling than a bar of chocolate. And don’t be fooled into thinking apples are a dull choice, did you know there are 2,500 different varieties of apple in the UK alone?

Carrot sticks – carrot sticks are sweet, crunchy and really fill you up between meals, plus they are great value for money. Why not add some hummus for a bit of extra flavour and creaminess? Chick peas are the main ingredient for hummus and are full of iron and other brilliant vitamins and minerals.

Your local market is a great place to buy fresh food, you can buy whatever quantity you want which means cutting down on food waste and your shopping often comes in paper bags so you also cut down on plastic packaging!

Popcorn – ditch the crisps and instead have some fun making your own popcorn. All you need is a non-stick pan with a tight-fitting lid and to remember to shake the pan every few seconds. There are only 30 calories per 300g of popcorn whereas a 25g packet of salted crisps contains a whopping 100 calories. Plus you can buy a whole 500g bag of popcorn kernels for around £1 and think of all the different flavours you can add!

And don’t forget any fruit and vegetable swaps all count towards your five a day!

If you really get the healthy eating bug and want to get some more tips, our qualified fitness instructors are full of great ideas and happy to share them with you as part of your membership package.

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