Improve your posture while at your desk

Thu 1 Jul 2021

With lockdown now coming to an end, people are beginning to return to their normal working life back in the office and back sat down behind a desk all day. Being sat down all day behind a computer could increase the likelihood of bad postural positions, without moving and keeping our body in a good posture we can cause a lot of issues if left unaddressed so here are a few tips to keep your body in tip-top shape in the workplace.

Tip 1

Whilst in a seated position, our hips are always flexed, over time your hip flexor muscles will become shortened creating muscle imbalances. This can lead to postural issues and potentially chronic pain because they are not being utilised with a full range of movement for a lengthy period. To prevent this, we recommend regularly stretching your hip flexors and quadriceps a few times every day to enable full mobility ranges.

Tip 2

When sat at your desk it is easy to fall into a bad position of stooping the shoulders and rounding the back. Reaching forward to type and using a computer can pull your shoulders forward. Likewise, with your hips, we recommend you stretch out your chest/back & shoulders a few times a day to ensure the muscles are not shortened. 

Tip 3

If possible, give yourself a regular break to get away from your desk to walk around to help promote blood flow and just to generally get some movement back into your body.

Tip 4

Add all of these stretches into your daily routine at work or even if you are still working from home and hopefully they will help get you through your workday without those little aches and pains that we all too often leave alone.

first women stretching on knees and making back extension. women with her back towards the camera with her right arm stretched over her back and grabbing it with her left arm to stretch her back. third women has legs straight and bended to the back of a chair to make a 90 degrees angle stretching the back. the third women is stood parallel to the wall and has hands flat against the wall stretching the back again.