June gym challenge

June gym challenge

Tue 30 May 2017


Derby Active Relay

Who many miles can we clock across us all?

Walk, jog, run or cycle your way in this challenge.

If you can, getting out in the fresh air can be a great benefit especially in the winter months. Benefits include topping up much needed vitamin D, boosting your immune system and improving overall mental and physical health. An added bonus is that the cold lowers the heart rate and blood pressure when we exercise so it doesn’t feel as though we are exerting yourself like it would during the summer months.

Top tips for exercising outside this month

• Dress dry and dress in layers
• Insure adequate clothing; reflective or bright clothing correct footwear for the darker hours and slipper surfaces
• Stay hydrated
• Protected your extremities think gloves, thick socks, hats and snoods
• Pick routes that you know and that are well lit

For your activities to be included in the challenge all you need to do is;


On Strava for free and join the Derby Active club here https://www.strava.com/clubs/773823


For any activities that you record on apps such as Garmin, smart phones devices etc, simply screen shot your workout into the Derby Active Facebook Group

We’re also looking out for

• Total distance across all members and staff
• Longest Activity
• Most activities logged