Keeping warm during Learn to Swim lessons

Wed 9 Dec 2020

As we are getting into the colder weather, we want you to be safe and warm before, during and after your swim lesson.

Here are a few tips when visiting Queen's Leisure Centre for your swim lesson. 

Top tips for your swimming lesson during winter:

  • Wear warm clothes while waiting outside (hooded coat if possible).
  • Changing rooms are available to change into dry clothes following your swim.
  • Wear a swimming hat to limit hair being dripping wet following the lesson
  • Bring an extra towel to help dry your / your child’s hair before going back outside
  • Bring comfortable loose-fitting clothing to change more quickly
  • Bring a beanie hat to cover hair if not completely dry following the lesson
  • Bring a bottle of water to ensure you / your child stays hydrated following the lesson

Visit our Learn to Swim web page for more information on our swimming lessons, for children and adults. 

Our lessons follow Swim England guidance and we are following Government COVID advice, to ensure all our customers stay safe and well.