Springtots Gymnastics Workouts

Mon 11 May 2020

Whilst we've been away from the gymnastics coaching sessions during this challenging period, we've continued to challenge ourselves and have been busy improving services for you, all ready to go for when it's time to return. Even though we're stuck inside there's no reason we should let it stop us keeping fit and active.

We at Derby Active are here to help! For those missing their gymnastics sessions, our coaches have come up with some workouts the children can do at home.

For younger children, our Springtots sessions focus on developing body awareness and a love for the sport. Climbing, crawling, and jumping are a gentle way for children walking to 5 years of age to develop their physical coordination and self-confidence.

Here are a few quick exercises with coach Miss Hill for your little ones to try at home:

Tuck shape:

Rocking in tuck to standing :

Stretching and straddle shape:

Pike shape:

You could also have a go at our 5 body awareness activities that our coaches suggest for Springtots gymnasts Body Awareness Activities for Kids:

  • Play with a large ball - Encourage your child to kick the ball, using one foot and then the other. Then throw the ball and catch it too.
  • Imitate animal movements - Ask your child to imitate the movement of different animals: spread your wings like a bird, curl up like a snail, hop like a rabbit etc… the creativity on this one is endless.
  • Play “Simon Says” - Say an action that your child must copy. If your child needs a visual cue, complete the movement yourself as you describe it. You can include parts of the body, gross motor movements, silly noises etc.
  • Shadow mimic play - Have your child to be your shadow and mimic all your actions as you walk about and perform simple actions (i.e. marching in place, cross crawls, bringing elbows to the knee, raising arms above the head etc).
  • Dance or move to action songs - Learn action songs and perform the actions as you sing them. (You can also use dance competition or games)

Children need to be under adult supervision at all times.