Know your motivation

Two women smiling and exercising together

Mon 21 Jan 2019

We know that really focusing on what you want to achieve and why is a brilliant way to motivate you into starting your health and fitness journey.

Find out what your motivation is by spending a bit of time thinking about what you’d like to do that you find a bit of a struggle, for example there might be an area of body strength and conditioning you want to work on to improve your sporting excellence, or you might want to spend more time with your grandchildren at the park but find it wears you out, or perhaps you’d simply like a bit of time set aside that’s just for you.

Whatever your motivation, the Derby Active fitness teams know how to help you achieve your goals and your membership package is designed for exactly that.

Whatever your health and fitness goals are for 2019, we’re here to help you achieve them and don't forget this January we're running our special Join 4 a Coin offer, take a look at the offer here.