New Year Resolution Tips

Women talking together

Thu 3 Jan 2019

If one of your New Year resolutions is to be more fit and healthy in 2019, here are five quick and easy tips to help you achieve your goals:

1 - Be SMART – it’s much easier to achieve your resolution if you make it a SMART resolution!  Don’t be put off by this phrase, being SMART simply means that you are specific about what you want to achieve, that you can measure your progress, your goal is attainable (be realistic about what you can achieve) and relevant (make sure it is something you care about) and you have a deadline - time-bound. Follow these rules and you’ll be half way to fulfilling your New Year resolution!

2 - Plan your time - think about your average week and sit down to work out when the best times are for you to exercise and then make sure you carve that time out for yourself.

3 - Our Fitness Instructors - speak to one of our fitness instructors and work together to find the best program for you to achieve your goals.
Fitness classes - take a look at our fitness class programme and see which sessions appeal the most to you, joining in with a whole group of people all with similar goals is bound to boost your motivation! 

4 - Bring a friend – everyone finds it easier to go to the gym or a fitness class if they make a pledge to go with a friend. Having an exercise partner can really increase your chances of sticking to your exercise plan.

5 - Our fitness instructors are very experienced in helping people stick to their plans and resolutions including some great motivation tips, make sure you ask for some advice as part of your membership package.

And for added motivation this month, don’t forget our Join 4 a Coin offer.