Your guide to the Omnium


Mon 22 Jan 2018

What actually is an Omnium? We've put together this handy guide to help you understand what will be happening at Derby Arena on Saturday 17 February!

The Basics

The omnium is made up of 4 events, Scratch, Tempo, Elimination and Points, and is disputed over a single day held under British Cycling and UCI rules.

The Scratch Race 

The first race of the day is the simple sounding 'first across the line' race where all cyclists start together and race to be the first to cross the finish line. It promises to be fast and furious!

The Tempo Race

The second race starts to get slightly more complicated. In this race riders accumulate points by winning sprints or taking laps. After the first five laps intermediate sprints occur every lap with one point awarded to the first rider. Riders will also gain points for lapping the main bunch of riders. 

The Elimination Race

Things take a serious turn in the third race, as every two laps the last rider to cross the finish line is eliminated until just one rider is left.

The Points Race

Riders start this final race with the points they have accumulated over the last three races. Their total points then increase or decrease depending on their performance in this race which decides the final position.

The Distance

The distance of each race depends on whether it is the male or female race. The male riders have a 10km scratch and tempo race and a 25km points race. The female riders have a 7.5km scratch and tempo race and a 20km points race.

The Winner

The winner of the omnium is the rider who has earned the most points over all 4 of the races.

The Spectator

The spectator's job is to have a good time, enjoy the action and cheer the rider's on!

Now that you're an omnium expert why don't you become a spectator and book here.