Nature area

Nature area at Chaddesden Park

Chaddesden Park has a nature area which was designated in 2009.

Chaddesden Park’s value to wildlife has been recognised and action has been taken to conserve it.  Habitats have been identified and evaluated with respect to their value to flora and fauna and future management is now in place.  An area at the northern end of the park was declared as a Nature Area in 2009 and this is now managed in accordance with a Management Plan drawn up by a professional ecologist. The Nature Area Management Plan not only serves the Nature Area but also acts as a reference document for the rest of the park, shedding light on ways of further conserving nature across the whole of Chaddesden Park. 

We have worked with the Friends Group to develop a management plan, and to look after the wildlife, pond, hedges, brook and so on.

The nature area provides a perfect home to a wide range of common species and a few rarities, including:

  • Water vole (Last siting 2009)
  • Orange foxtail
  • Green Woodpecker
  • Song thrush
  • Spotted flycatcher.

For more information, download our Management Plan for Chaddesden Park Nature Area below.