Hedge Laying in Chaddesden Wood

Mon 7 Jan 2019

The Friends of Chaddesden Wood (FoCW) have received a grant of £2000 from the Postcode Local Trust  , a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of the Postcode Lottery. The funding has been granted to start work on a conservation hedge laying project, a key objective in improving the biodiversity of the woodland.

Hedge laying is a traditional country craft used to create attractive, secure and wildlife friendly boundaries. FoCW members will be learning these traditional skills from experienced members of the Derby Parks Volunteers as they work alongside them on this project. Not only will it improve the security and appearance of the boundary, it will also create the perfect environment for nesting birds, hedgehogs, bats and other wildlife. In addition, letting more light into the wood will benefit the ground flora such as native bluebells and wood anemones.

Some of the branches that are cut back will be used to strengthen the base of the hedge; others will be stacked on the woodland floor to create log-pile habitats for insects and amphibians.

If learning traditional hedge laying skills is of interest to you or you want to help improve your local community woodland, why not join Friends of Chaddesden Wood and/or the Derby Parks Volunteers. See www.focwood.co.uk and www.derbyparksvolunteers.co.uk/activities for information.