Derby Active Group Exercise Success

Tue 2 Feb 2021

We started our Class Facebook group in January 2020 to bring our Derby Active community together, although since then it has become that and lots more.

Following the first lockdown in March 2020, we immediately responded to support our customers and within 3 days there was an online class virtual experience on our Facebook Group. To start with there were a few teething issues experienced, as a lot of our Health and Wellbeing Advisors and Instructors had to learn the 'new normal' of providing their classes from their living rooms using new technology.

If you are a regular Facebook Class Group visitor, you know how quickly Derby Active Instructors adapted to the circumstances, bringing along their pets, children, and disco lights to add to the atmosphere of your at-home class. 

We can not thank our Instructors enough, as they have done an amazing job making Derby Active at Home classes possible with a free virtual and live programme.

Before the first lockdown, we had just over 100 members in the group and to date, we have over 1700 members who engage in our daily exercise classes. We enjoy reading and seeing the engagement from online exercisers, the comments are astounding, supporting each other on the journey everyone is on during the pandemic. 

Our Wellbeing Advisors and Instructors have been busy, providing more content outside classes. They have introduced questions and answer sessions each week with different topics to help the overall well-being of yourself. During these sessions, we hope you have the opportunity to find something out you didn't know. Here is the latest Q&A from our wellbeing advisor Gaynor.

'Lovely class as always ... thank you'

'This has really kept me motivated to do walking. My aim is 10,000 steps every day which I have done'

'Well done and thank you. Brightens the day!'

'My legs definitely won’t thank you tomorrow but great class'

Find out more here about our daily free virtual class programme.


February challenge 

We want to keep you motivated as we go into the second month of 2021, so we have another monthly challenge. This month we would like to see if can you meet the NHS recommended daily exercise count.

We've broken this challenge into weekly stages your first target is to hit the 150min as advised by the NHS this equates to 22 minutes per day.

To read more and how to join in, go to our challenge page on the website or join the Facebook exercise group.