March Spotlight - Helen Treece Health & Wellbeing Instructor

Helen Treece

Thu 4 Mar 2021

Helen is one of our amazing Derby Active Health and Wellbeing Instructors, who has been providing weekly classes on Derby Active Facebook Group page to keep everyone motivated and active during the lockdown. 

Here is a little background about Helen, and her story over the past 12 months of Covid-19. 

I joined the Derby Active team back in August 2019 after a career change and qualifying as a Personal trainer. I love my job and mixing with all the Derby Active members, whilst outside of work I am a keen long-distance runner, swimmer and a qualified running coach. The various lockdowns have been hard as it has meant that I have had to find other ways to keep in touch with both members of Derby Active and also my runners.

During the last 12 months, I have endeavoured to keep the community active by writing some fitness blogs for Derby Active, posting videos, taking online classes for the wider community. This has helped my mental health, kept me fit and also built my confidence delivering virtually and online.

I always find setting myself a challenge has helped me through the lockdowns be that a 50mile virtual run or back in April 2020 Steve Summers and I undertook a 12hour cycle challenge on our static bikes raising over £2k for charity. It was great to know I had a colleague by my side virtually.

I also ensure that my runners have some challenges to focus on, interval sessions, virtual activity-based team relays which involves planning a local route and completing an activity during the run.

My current challenge ends soon, which started on the 8th Feb and will complete on 7th March,  I have aimed to run 200miles in 28days. It all has to be done locally and within the challenge are various virtual races ranging from 2miles right through to 100miles all to be done as single runs. I have completed the 10mile virtual race so far and am planning to submit a time for the shorter ones plus a 15mile, 26mile and 33mile race within the 28days. On completion, I will have bought a tree to be planted in the National Forest. Something for everyone to enjoy in the future years.

"So my message is set yourself a little challenge form as little as a daily walk, join a new online Derby active class, join in our active minute challenge. Go for it!"

Helen Treece 
Health and Wellbeing Instructor 

To find out more about running and other activities to keep you motivated, visit Derby Active at Home or join us on Derby Active Facebook Group.