How to stay motivated in February


Tue 23 Jan 2018

You joined the gym in January, you've had a go at staying active, and now you're feeling tired. How are you going to stay motivated through February?

Here's our top five tips on how to keep at it this month:


1. Ask for help

Did you find yourself floundering around the gym in January, unsure what exercise does what or how the equipment works? Don't let yourself be overwhelmed, ask one of our friendly Health and Wellbeing advisors to give you some pointers. Before you know it you'll be a gym expert!


2. Set yourself a goal

Give your gym visits a purpose with a goal to achieve on each visit. Make sure you keep your goals realistic so that you know you can achieve something, and feel great when you do! Need a harder goal? Why not try our monthly gym challenge!


3. Bring a friend

Everything is better with a friend by your side, so why not invite a friend along to encourage you in your goals and keep your momentum up? You know what they say, friends that run together have fun together!


4. Find your fun

Not everyone has the same taste in food, or films, or friends, so why should the gym be any different?

Have you been forcing yourself to run on the treadmill, hating every step? Why not give weights a try?

Bored of sitting on a static bike? Why not give the track a go?

There's something out there for everyone, so find your fun today!


5. Try something different

We all know that going to the gym can become a monotonous task, so why not change your routine and give a class a go? Work out that stress in Boxercise, rave your way to fitness with Clubbercise or increase your flexibility with Pilates. Classes are a great way to get fit, have fun and meet new people. The perfect motivation to keep going in February!


So now you know how to keep at it in February, we can't wait to see you again at Derby Arena, Queen's Leisure Centre and Springwood Leisure Centre.

Let's get fit together!