Let's get motivated!


Wed 4 Sep 2019

Here are our top tips for staying motivated and getting the most from your Derby Active membership.

- Take part in group exercise classes...
They are great for learning new techniques and motivating yourself so why not check out the timetable?

- Make it a social occasion...
Your membership pack includes two one-day passes for friends. Exercising with others helps you attend when you're struggling for motivation, plus there are a whole load of exercises you can do with 2 people. 

- Get into a routine...
We once read a quote that said "the hardest thing is to start regular exercise, but once you start exercising regularly it's even harder to give it up". Getting into a routine of exercising can start by simply putting the date in your diary and making that appointment with the gym floor or the swimming pool.

- Don't be afraid to ask...
Our gym team haven't spent years mastering techniques for nothing. They love it when you ask them for advice - we've all forgotten how to start treadmill so feel free to ask for help and inspiration whenever you're in.

- Challenge yourself
Whether you're competitive or seeking motivation, our challenges offer something for everyone. Take a look at this month's challenge.