Why you should be having an early morning swim

Wed 8 Aug 2018

Have an early morning swim and burn more calories, faster, throughout the day, even while sitting at your desk...

As well as clearing your head and stimulating your body for the day ahead, if you want to lose weight then swimming on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is ideal.

If you swim approximately one hour before eating your breakfast, your body has no choice but to raid your fat stores for fuel as your carbohydrate stores have been depleted overnight.

Not only will that early morning swim before breakfast burn more fat, but it will raise your body's metabolism for the rest of the day so you'll be burning calories faster throughout the day.

Give your body the perfect wake up with early morning swimming at Queen's Leisure Centre:

Lane Swimming from 7am onwards Monday to Friday

Public Swimming from 7:30am onwards Monday to Friday

Swim as many mornings as you want with our Just Swim membership, or pay per swim

Find out more about swimming at Queen's Leisure Centre here.