Ideas for older kids from the Derby Six

Tue 21 Apr 2020

Hi, Clix here!

It’s very strange not being able to see my friends, but we’ve been keeping in touch by video chat and swapping ideas about things to do at home. Usually Flix likes watching films, but now she’s making her own stop motion movie with some characters she’s made out of modelling clay. Can’t wait to see it!

Even though he can’t go on the track at Derby Arena at the moment, Trix is making sure he keeps his bike in top condition by watching Global Cycling Network’s Maintenance Mondays videos. He’s also been taking part in Derby Arena coach Phil Kilpatrick’s home cycling programme when the weather’s not been good. But on fine days he’s been getting out on his bike for exercise.

Stix enjoys walking Mark, his dog, in his local park every day. I told him about Google 3D animals and he took a photo of Mark and made it look like he was being followed by a tiger! He’s also getting into stargazing and has been checking out the NASA website, which has lots of videos to watch. But it took him a while to work out that the times for the activities are five hours behind us!

Vix loves stories, and she’s been downloading eBooks and eMagazines from the library to read on her tablet. Now her little sister likes Harry Potter, they’ve been having fun together on the Harry Potter at Home website, which has lots of activities and even tells you what Hogwarts house you’re in. Vix was disappointed to be in Ravenclaw because she wanted to be in Gryffindor!

Kix loves his sports, and when he’s bored of kicking a football in his back garden then he’s looking at the latest fitness routines on Derby Active at Home. But it turns out he’s getting into culture too! Who knew? He’s downloaded the Google Arts and Culture App and he’s been on a virtual tour of the British Museum and The White House! When he told us about it we all had to have a look, and then we looked on the Visit Derby website and you can do a virtual climb of Derby Cathedral Tower. The views from the top makes me want to do it for real.

I’ve been getting arty. I’ve made a tote bag out of an old T shirt just by searching online – I didn’t even have to do any sewing! I think I’m going to draw my own comic next, all about six friends who just happen to have super powers. No prizes for guessing who they are!

Until next time!

Clix x